175 Years Ago, February 8, 1836 – Former Congressman David Crockett Arrives at Alamo

David Crockett lost his election to the US Congress and was reported to tell the body “You can go to Hell. I’m going to Texas.”

Davy Crockett left Tennessee Nov. 1, 1835, with three other men to explore Texas.  He picked up and lost several men on the way.  Crockett arrived in Little Rock on November 12 and passed through NE Texas to hunt with one of my ancestors, Crockett’s fellow Tennessean and Texas Ranger, Henry Stout.  Crockett and 65 men arrived in Nacogdoches, Texas in early January 1836 where they signed up as volunteers for the Provisional Government of Texas.  On February 6, 1836 Crockett and five other men rode into San Antonio.Tennessee

The group spent the night at the home of Don Seguin along with Jim Bowie.  Crockett first arrived at the Alamo on February 8.

Just like everything else, the death of Davey Crockett is controversial.  Since this is my article, I choose to subscribe to and report that “Ben” a former slave and cook for Santa Ana reported Crockets body was found surrounded by at least sixteen dead Mexican soldiers he had killed in his last stand.