Barrel Racing Saddle

Racing implies performance and as few pounds as possible in the saddle. As a result this is the lightest of saddles, under 30 lbs.

An additional characteristic is a flat seat permitting a rider effortless positioning to help balance the mount in turns. The fenders are free swinging to provide extra balance. The cantle and also pommel are usually higher to provide the rider a secure and safe ride. The horn is usually taller for a quick dismount.

Stirrups have a slim tread for a more secure grip on the boot as well as rawhide trim which increases resilience when coming in contact with the barrel.

Purchasing Barrel Saddles
Barrel Saddles are speed saddles and as a result are a customized piece of equipment. Any type of racing will be affected by weight, although it is probably not a decisive factor other than in the highest levels of competition.

When you are in the market for a saddle, bring your horse with you. You would usually shop and try  many hats on before you make a buying decision and saddles are no different. Take your own horse and get feedback from several saddle stores. You will learn a lot in the process. Work out for yourself what is important in a saddle for you. Know the following terminology as well as it’s significance before you go shopping.

Pay attention to weight, ability to move in the seat, breast collars, higher cantle and pommel, slender stirrups, durable tree and modest skirt.

The saddle needs to fit your horse, but it also needs to fit you. Try it on for size to determine a good fit.

The barrel horse works at high-speed and can make tight turns. The saddle should be built with skirt rigging to keep everything tight and provide close contact from horse and rider.