Book Review, “Cowboy Boots, the Art and Sole” by Jennifer June

Cowboy Boots Cowboy Boots: Art and Sole
If you’re a Texan, you should have this book on the shelf or the table.  The cost of books these days are more than reasonable.  If you wear cowboy boots, this book will guide you in the proper selection.  If you think you might want to collect boots, this book is the essential beginning.

Cowboy boots are both function and art.  The book is full of photographs that illustrate the fine craft and art of bookmaking.

Finish this book and you can look at a Texan and size him up based on his boots.

Look at the history, structure, skill and art of the cowboy boot through the eyes of a custom boot maker.

Read this book before you buy your next pair of custom Cowboy Boots.

I own and love this book. Cowboy Boots: Art and Sole