Come And Take It

175 Years ago, October 1835, Texans began the struggle for Independence at Gonzales.  The reenactment of the “Come and Take it Battle” begins October 2, 2010.

The battle was really a skirmish.  Texans fired on the Mexicans over a canon used to protect Gonzales from the Comanche.  The commander of the Mexican troops had been ordered to take the canon from the town of Gonzales.

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The Mexican commander was sympathetic with the Texans and opposed the Centralist Big government being forced on Texas by Santa Anna.  Even at this early date in Texas history, the Texans valued personal independence and freedom over an oppressive central government.

The Texan commander John Henry Moore, ordered the attack on the Mexicans.  The Mexicans withdrew and the battle was over.  This was the major break in relations between The Texans and Mexico.

Later in the war for independence, the Gonzales men would be the only reinforcements to fight their way into the Alamo.