Cowboy Hat Style

Cowboy hat style is a personal decision.  A lot of factors are involved including function such as keeping the sun and rain out of your face or off your neck. 

For most of us however it’s not the function, it’s what the hat says.  The major differences are the brim size and shape and the crown crease.  In Texas, for me, it’s the cowboy individualism and independence.


•             Cattleman.  Most people would consider this the classic style cowboy hat.  George W. Bush wears this style.

•             Open Road.  Real cattlemen.  If you go down to the sale barn you will see the older gentlemen, buying cows, wearing LBJ (Open Road) style hats.

•             Open.  The first Stetson was “The Boss of the Plains”.  Very traditional.  The crown of an open cowboy hat can be 5″- 6″ tall and the brim 4.5″ – 5″ wide

•             Gus.  Also traditional is a Stetson with a “Carlsbad” crease.  Known today as the Gus Crease.

•             Cattleman.  Fort Worth .  The old “Fort Worth” crease seen on a cowboy hat normally has a 3.5″ brim and a “cow kick” in the front and a “cow kick” in the back.


•             Bull rider, RCA or Canadian Crease

•             Tycoon… Another pinch front style.

•             Cutter.  Modified Cattleman with more room.  Cutter Horse riders.  1970’s


•             Team Roper

•             Montana

•             Salem

•             Ridge Top