Rodeo Cowboys and Rodeo Events

Evolution of the Cowboy

Cowboys appeared in Texas as a result of the colonization encouraged by Mexico. In 1822 there were 150 settlers in Texas. By 1836 there were 36,000 settlers. The cattle and horses introduced by the Spanish explorers had multiplied and were available in great numbers to anyone who could catch them. The Mexican vaquero, anglo and black cowboy had fully evolved by the end of the Civil War.

“The combination of land, freedom, horses, and cattle had become the state of mind called Texas.”

Texas Best Bulldogger Hall of Fame

  • Bill Picket
    National Cowboy Hall of Fame
    Invented bulldogging, now called steer wrestling. Bill was with the Buffalo Bill Show for 26 years. He died from a kick in the head from a horse in 1932.

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Texas Best Bull Rider Hall of Fame

  • Don Gay
    Mesquite Texas
    First cowboy in history to win eight bull riding titles.

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Texas Best Calf Roper Hall of Fame

  • Toots Mansfield
    Seven World Champion Calf Roping Championships.

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Texas Best Bull Rider, 2004 World Champion

  • Mike Lee
    Decatur Texas
    Mike Lee Decatur, Texas born June 11, 1983 is a Professional Bull Rider on the Professional Bull Riders, (PBR’s) Built Ford Tough Series, (BFTS) tour. Lee became the first rider to win both the Built Ford Tough World Finals event title and the Built Ford Tough Million Dollar World Championship in 2004. Edmonton, Alberta. July 26, 20082007 was a difficult year professionally for Mike due to many injuries, including two fairly severe head injuries. Mike is one of the growing number of Professional Bull Riders that wears a helmet instead of the familiar cowboy hat and he could have suffered career or life ending injuries this year without the safety of the helmet. .

Texas Best All Around Cowboy, 2006 World Champion

  • Trevor Brazile
    Decatur, Texas
    Trevor Brazile of Decatur, Texas currently holds the single season record for the most money won in a season at $329,924 during the 2006 campaign. He won the “triple crown” with World Championships in Steer Roping, Tie Down Roping, and was named the All Around Cowboy again. He was the first cowboy in 24 years to win 3 world titles in one year..

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Texas Best Calf Roper, 5 Time World Champion

  • Joe Beaver
    2001 All-Time money winner. 5 Time World Champion Calf Roper

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Texas Best Team Roper – with Speed Williams 8 Time World Champion. Only teach to win 8 consecutive championships.

  • Rich Skelton 

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Rodeo Events 

Saddle Bronc Riding
The cowboy must remain on a horse with a regulation saddle for eight seconds. During the ride, the cowboy must spur the animal as much as possible to get a good ride. He must also keep one hand free from touching the bronc or his equipment. Points are awarded for riders who stay on the bronc for the full count.

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Bareback Bronc Riding
This event is similar to saddle bronc riding except there are no saddle, stirrups or reins. The cowboy holds on to a cinch with one hand.

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Bull Riding
Also similar to bronc riding, a bull rider attempts to stay on a 2,000 pound plus bucking bull for eight seconds.

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Calf Roping
Calf roping is an event patterned after the cattle round-up. During the spring and fall, calves are roped to be branded and worked. A rope called a lariat is used by a cowboy who rides a specially trained horse. The cowboy ropes the calf; and while the horse tugs on the calf, the cowboy dismounts and throws the calf down and ties three legs together with a string called a piggin string. The cowboy competes against the clock for the best time.

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Steer Wrestling
Steer wrestling was invented by Bill Picket in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. A cowboy chases down a steer on horseback , jumps on top of the steer, grabs his horns, and with a twist throws him to the ground. The event is scored by the best time.

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Team Roping
This event is a realistic demonstration of the cowboys’ skills. Two Cowboys chase down a 400 pound Longhorn steer. The cowboy called the header ropes the horns, then the Cowboy called the heeler ropes the hind legs. The ropes are wrapped around the saddle horn and drawn tight with the calf between the ropers. This is a timed event. 

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Barrel Racing
This event is reserved for cowgirls. The cowgirl mounted on her horse races against the clock around three barrels set in the arena in a triangle pattern. 

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Texas Rodeo Schedule

Texas has 108 PRCA sanctioned rodeos.

  • Sandhills Hereford and Quarterhorse Show and Rodeo
    Ector County Coliseum
    Odessa, Texas
  • Southwestern International Livestock Show and Rodeo
    September 15 – 20
    El Paso County Coliseum
    El Paso, Texas
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  • San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo
    February 4-21
    Joe Freeman Coliseum
    San Antonio, Texas
  • Book on Amazon  The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo ~ The First 50 Years
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
    March 2 – 21
    Reliant Park
    Houston, Texas
  •  Book on Amazon  February Fever: Historical Highlights of the 1st 60 Years of the Houston Livestock Show
  • CRA Finals
    1200 Houston
    Sulphur Springs, Texas
  • Austin – Travis County Livestock Show and Rodeo
    3rd week March
  • San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo
    Feb 19
    Coliseum Fairgrounds
    San Angelo, Texas
  • Mesquite Championship Rodeo
    April – September, Friday and Saturday
    118 Rodeo Dr.
    Mesquite, Texas
  • Book on Amazon  Don Gay’s Worst Wrecks At Mesquite Rodeo “1990″
  • Western Heritage Classic and Ranch Rodeo
    May 2 -9 2009
    Taylor County Expo Center
    Abilene, Texas
  • Western Days
    May 29 – June 1
    Grand Prairie Rodeo Club
    Grand Prairie, Texas
  • International Rodeo Association Championship Rodeo
    Greenhill Rd FM 2152
    Mount Pleasant, Texas
  • Llano County Rodeo
    June 7
    RR 152
    Llano, Texas
  • George Strait Team Roping and Concert
    March 13, 14
    San Antonio Rose Pallace
    San Antonio, Texas
  • Red River Rodeo
    June 19, 20
    Mounted Patrol Arena
    Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Big Spring Cowboy Reunion and Rodeo
    June 19, 20
    Fairgrounds, FM 700
    Big Spring, Texas
  • PRCA Rodeo and July 4th Celebration
    Feb 12,13
    Bell County Expo Center
    South Loop 121
    Belton, Texas
  • American Junior Rodeo Association Rodeo
    Aug 6, 8
    San Angelo, Texas
  • Kuecklehan Rodeo
    Last week July
    TX 78
    Bonham, Texas
  • Texoma Quarter Horse Association Rodeo
    TQHA Arena, US 75
  • Parker County Sheriff’s Posse
    June 17 – 20
    Frontier Days and rodeo
    US 180 W.
    Weatherford, Texas
  • XIT Rodeo and Reunion
    First weekend August
    Rita Blanca Park
    Dalhart, Texas
  • Sutton County Days PRCA Rodeo
    Sutton County Park
    Sonora, Texas
  • West Texas Fair and Rodeo
    Labor Day – Friday
    Taylor County Expo Center
    Abilene, Texas
  • Washington Country Fair
    September 16 – 19
    Horton St. E. FM 577
    Brenham, Texas
  • Four States Fair and Rodeo
    First week in October
    Loop 245 E.
    Texarkana, Texas
  • Texas Tech Intercollegiage Rodeo
    Texas Tech Esquesterian Ctr.
    Lubbock, Texas