Texans of Note

Texas Best Consumer Advocate

Bud Hibbs
Ft Worth, Texas
If you have problems with credit agencies, collection agencies or even the IRS get Bud Hibbs book or get Bud Hibbs himself.

Texas-Best Teachers
Texas Teacher of the Year is the highest honor that the State of Texas can bestow upon a teacher. Conducted by the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Teacher of the Year Program annually recognizes and rewards teachers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in teaching. 


Christine Gleason
Christine Gleason, an English teacher at Fabens High School in the Fabens Independent School District, is the 2009 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year. In recognition of the honor, she received a $5,000 cash prize, a SMART Board technology package worth more than $15,000 and a commemorative trophy.

Dora Newell
Dora Newell, a third-grade teacher at Thigpen-Zavala Elementary School in McAllen ISD, is the 2009 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year.
In recognition of the honor, she received a $5,000 cash prize, a SMART Board technology package worth more than $15,000 and a commemorative trophy.


Paul Cain

Paul Cain, a mathematics and physics teacher at Ysleta High School in El Paso’s Ysleta Independent School District, has been selected as the 2008 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year from amongst 20 regional secondary Teachers of the Year. Cain, a 31-year veteran of the classroom, will also represent Texas in the National Teacher of the Year program.

Grant Simpson

Grant Simpson, a fourth-grade teacher at Hidden Lakes Elementary School in Keller ISD, which is a Fort Worth suburb, was selected the 2008 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year from amongst the 20 regional elementary Teachers of the Year.


Dana Boyd

From Dolphin Terrace Elementary School in Ysleta ISD was the Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year.

Nika Maples

Nika Maples from Fossil Ridge High School in Keller ISD was the Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year.


Karen Shepherd
2006 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year
Plano Senior High School
Plano Independent School District

Cynthia M. Lewis
2006 Texas Elementary Teacher of the year
Whittier Elementary School
Amarillo Independent School District


Sheryl Lindemann
2005 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year
Hirchi High School
Wichita Falls ISD

Gloria Voutos
2005 Texas Elementary Teacher of the year
Spring valley Elementaty School
Richardson ISD


Ellen Herbert
Longview High School
Longview ISD
Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year

 Kyann McMillie
Canutillo Elementary School
Canutillo ISD
Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year


Denise Tanner
Hightower High School
Fort Bend ISD
Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year

Brenda McCuin
Castle Hills Elementary School
Lewisville ISD
Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year


Marta E. Galindo
Ruben Chavira Elementary School
San Felipe Del Rio CISD
Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year

Barbara Dorff
Franklin School
Dallas ISD
Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year


Linda DeMino
Howard Early Childhood Center
Alamo Heights ISD
Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year

Lorraine Maneen
Northbrook High School
Spring Branch ISD
Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year


Jack Cody
Graham High School
Graham ISD
Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year

Mary Beth Castillo Tierce
Kostoryz Elementary School
Corpus Christi ISD
Texas Elemenatry Teacher of the Year

Texas Best Kids’ Advocate

MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Founded in Texas. I know a lot of mothers against drunk driving. I’m wondering who are the ones that are for drunk driving and WHY?

Texas Best Governor, All Time Best

John Connally
Floresville, Texas
Born 2-22-1917 Died 1993
38th Texas Governor from 1962 to 1968. John Connally was loved by Democrats and Republicans alike. He survived gun shots during the John Kennedy assasination in Dallas.

Texas Best President

Sam Houston ( Honorary Texan )
The first president of the Republic of Texas and hero of the Texas revolution. Visit the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, 1804 Sam Houston Ave., Huntsville, Texas 77341. 409-295-7824

Texas Best US President

Dwight Eisenhower
Denison, Texas
Born 10-14-1890
Elected president 1953

Lyndon Johnson
Stonewall, Texas
Born 8-27-1908 died 1973
Johnson completed John Kennedy’s term after his assasination and was re elected to one additional term. Johnson was president from 1963 to 1969.

Texas Best US Vice President

Cactus Jack Garner
Red River County, Texas
Born 11-22-1868
(John Nance Garner), Served under Roosevelt from 1933 to 1941

Lyndon Johnson Stonewall, Texas
Born 8-27-1908 died 1973
Vice President under John Kennedy from 1961 to 1963.

Texas Best Medical Doctor

Dr. Red Duke
James H. Red Duke Jr. is professor of clinical sciences at U.T. Health and Science Center and professor of surgery at U.T. Houston Medical School. Red is host of televisions Dr. Red Dukes Health Reports.  Credited with saving Governor John Connally’s life.

Texas Best Surgeon

Michael DeBakey
(Honorary Texan, born Lake Charles, La.
Baylor School of Medicine, One of the best known surgeons in the world. Pioneer in heart surgery.

Denton Cooley
Houston, Texas
Born 8-22-1920
Founded the Texas Heart Institute. Implanted the first artificial heart.
Texas Heart Institute, PO Box 20345, Houston, Texas 77225

Texas Best Firefighter, Hall of Fame

Red Adair
Houston, Texas
Born 1915 Famous oilfield firefighter. John Wayne starred in a movie based on Red Adair.
Adair Enterprises, PO Box 747, Bellville, Texas 77418

Texas Most Eccentric Millionaire, Hall of Fame

Howard Hughes
Houston, Texas
Born 12-24-1905
Motion picture producer, aviator and manufacturer. Howard Hughs set several aviation records and built the worlds largest plane.

Texas Best Indian Captive

Cynthia Ann Parker
Abducted at 9 years of age in Limestone County from Parker’s Fort. Cynthia married the fierce Comanche Chief Peta Nocona and gave birth to two sons, Pecos and Quanah. Quanah grew up to become the famous war chief of the Comanche known as Quanah Parker. Cynthia Ann was retaken at age 34 and held against her will until her death.
Annual Cynthia Ann Parker Days Celebration is held in May in Crowell, Texas. 817-655-3330.

Texas Best War Hero

Audie Murphy
Farmersville, Texas
Born June 20, 1924
Most decorated soldier in US history. Actor in westerns of the 1950’s.

Texas Best Skyscraper Contractor

Real Name Unknown
Wichita Falls, Texas, 7th and Ohio St.
This promoter built a 10 foot by 16 foot building 40 feet tall. He took pictures against the Wichita Falls downtown background making the building look twelve times larger than it actually is. The dimensions on the plans were reported to be in inches, not feet. The east coast investors thought they had found a dumb Texas developer to take advantage of. The building still stands in a downtown alley.

Texas Commerce Tower
Houston, Texas 1982
#15 in the nation, 1000 feet, 75 stories.

First Interstate Bank Plaza
Houston, Texas. 1983
#18 in the nation, 972 feet, 71 stories.

Nations Bank Plaza
Dallas, Texas
#26 in the nation, 921 feet, 72 stories.

Texas Best Garden Expert

Neil Sperry Author and radio personality on more than 50 markets in Texas. Neil has 2 degrees in horticulture.

Howard Garrett
Known as the doctor of dirt for organic gardening , author and radio personality.

Texas Best GhostsThe National Directory of Haunted Places
Dennis Hauck, 1994

Hwy 281 at FM Road 141 underpass.
The ghost of the lady in black (Leonora Rodriguez, 1700).

Marfa Lights
One to three lights can be seen unpredictably stationary or moving year round in all kinds of weather and atmospheric conditions. The lights have been photographed and confirmed by scientists and the news media. Early travelers thought the lights were Apache campfires. The Apaches believed them to be spirits. No logical explanation for the lights has been offered. A special viewing spot has been set up just off Texas Hwy 90 nine miles east of Marfa.

The north bedroom in the governor’s mansion is haunted by a 19 year old who committed suicide there in 1864.

The Lady of White Rock Lake will hitch a ride and leave your back seat wet. She apparently drowned in the lake.

Catfish Plantation Restaurant
A sign out front asks you to report ghost sightings to the management. There are 3 ghosts in this 1895 house. Sightings and touchings are common, even by the media. Also listed in Texas Best local restaurants.