Texas Actors

Texas Best Actor, Hall of Fame

Patrick Swayze
Houston, Texas
Born 8-18-1954
Actor dancer. Starred in Dirty Dancing(1984), Road House (1989) and Ghost.(1989)

Larry Hagman
Weatherford, Texas
Born 9-21-1931 Actor and son of actress Marry Martin. Best known for the TV series I Dream of Jeannie and Dallas.

Tommy Lee Jones
San Saba, Texas
Born 9-15-1946
Recent movies includes JFK in (1991) and Under Siege (1992). Won an Acadeny Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1993.

Mathew McConaughey
Born in Uvalde, Texas, 1969.
Starring roll in A Time To Kill and Lone Star.

Bill Paxton
Fort Worth, Texas
Born 5-17-1955
Actor and Tornado chasing weatherman in Twister. He was also at the control center in Apollo 13

Texas Best Actress, Hall of Fame

Debbie Reynolds
El Paso, Texas
Born 4-1-1932
Made dozens of movies in the 50’s and 60’s including the Unsinkable Molly Brown and Goodby Charlie.

Joan Crawford
San Antonio, Texas
Born 1903
Actress in movies starting in 1926 including such classics as Grand Hotel.

Farrah Fawcett
Corpus Christi, Texas
Born 2-2-1947
Actress and model best known for the TV series Charlies Angels (1976).

Crystal Bernard
Garland, Texas
Stars in the TV series Wings, in its 8th season. She has a new CD out called The Girl Next Door.

Sheree Wilson
TV actress as the D.A. in Walker, Texas Ranger.

Perl Geplin
TV actress as Roz on Frasier. Perl was kicked out of the U.T. Drama School.

Texas Best Comedian, Hall of Fame

Steve Martin
Waco, Texas
Born 1945
Comedian Actor starring in many movies including Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) and Parenthood (1989)

Carol Burnett
San Antonio, Texas
Comedian actress best known for the TV series The Carol Burnett Show (1966-1977) 

Texas Best Adult Movie Star

Linda Lovelace
Bryan, Texas, 1949
Starred in one of the first widely distributed adult movies, Deep Throat.

Texas Best Child Actor, Hall of Fame

Spanky McFarland
Born 1928 in Dallas, Texas.
Child actor in Spanky and Our Gang

Texas Best Director, Hall of Fame

Kevin Reynold
Waco, Texas
Writer/Director. His work includes Red Dawn, Robin Hood, and Water World.

Texas Best Screenwriter, Hall of Fame

Bill Wittliff
Screenplays include Legends of the Fall, Lonesome Dove, The Cowboy Way, and The Black Stallion.

Texas Best Dancer, Male, Hall of Fame

Tommy Tune
Wichita Falls, Texas
Born 2-28-1939
Broadway dancer and producer including the movie The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, (1978)

Texas Best Fashion Model, Hall of Fame

Jerri Hall
Mesquite, Texas
Model and ex-wife of rock star and Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger.

Bridget Hall
Springdale, Arkansas, Raised in: Dallas, Texas
Began modeling at the age of 10 in Dallas and joined the Ford Agency in March 1992. Bridget has been on over 60 international covers including Vogue, Elle, Allure, W and Cosmopolitan.

Texas Best Cowgirl, Hall of Fame

Dale Evans
Born 10-31-1912, in Uvalde, Texas.
Born Frances Smith, she changed her name when she entered showbusiness. She is also known as Mrs. Roy Rogers.

Texas Best Miss America

Jo-Carol Dennison
Tyler, Texas, 1942

Phylis Ann George
Denton, Texas, 1971

Shirley Cothran
Ft Worth, Texas, 1975

Texas Most Beautiful Woman

Chelsi Smith
Deer Park, Texas. Miss Smith was crowned Miss Universe in 1995.

Texas Most Beautiful Woman, Hall of Fame

Farrah Fawcett
Corpus Christi, Texas
Born 2-2-1947 — Actress and model best known for the TV series Charlies Angels (1976).

Morgan Fairchild
Born in 1950. Real Name, Patsy Ann McClenny
Dallas, Texas