Dad Joiner's Wildcat

10-3-1927.  Dad Joiner drilled his first well, Daisy Bradford No. 1, in 1927. On his third attempt, three years later, his discovery opened the East Texas oilfield,qv which proved to be one of the richest oil finds in the United States. The promise of quick riches immediately set off an oil frenzy. Farmers neglected to harvest their cotton crops, too busy trying to 

 In the first year of the find (1931) production was only 27,000 barrels, but the following year the volume reached 109,561,000 barrels, and by 1933 the amount of oil produced had nearly doubled to 204,954,000 barrels.  Oil derricks and pumps soon dotted the countryside. Henderson, formerly a sleepy county seat, was transformed into a busy center of activity.  Oil money helped to offset the worst effects of the Great Depression for the county.