Ostrich Leather Cowboy Boots History

Full Quill Ostrich Leather Cowboy Boots grew to become fashionable and in substantial demand in the 1980’s. The distinctive leather has been in high demand and under restricted supply by the Mahler brothers of Dallas, Texas. The Mahlers have been to Ostrich leather as the Debeers are to diamonds.

There have been quite a few Texans demanding a flashy pair of Ostrich Cowboy Boots since the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Ostrich leather is unique in its look and feel; Virtually no other leather is the same. Ostrich leather is distinct by means of raised dimples towards the middle of the hide. The part with these protrusions is known as the crown. The area is in fact the back side of the ostrich hide and where the birds neck joins its body. The holes and bumps are quill follicles in which a feather used to reside. Both sides of the leather around the diamond shaped crown is very smooth. In fact, only one third of the entire skin features quill holes and bumps. Because the crown is in most demand and it comprises such a tiny segment of the hide, “full quill” ostrich goods are significantly more expensive compared to cowhide leather.

This exclusive distinction, and the fact that Ostrich is one of the most durable leathers, causes ostrich leather to be viewed as a luxury product.

Ostrich ranching proliferated in Texas to cash in on the high prices and now there are now several Ostrich leather tanneries in the US.