Armadillo Day (Groundhog Day in the North)

Armadillo Day will be celebrated on February second this year.  There are no armadillos up north so they celebrate Groundhog Day.  According to folklore when the armadillo emerges from his burrow and it is cloudy, winter will end soon.  If the Armadillo sees his shadow we will have six more weeks of winter

The official Armadillo Day observance is in Austin.

Texas Best Ranches

 Check out Texas Best Ranch website.  Very nice intro video.  This site lists upscale ranch properties primarily in Central Texas.  This is a relatively new website.  Please give me feedback in the comments section below if you are familiar with this company.  Does this site belong in our best ranch listing?

Texas Best Ranches

Texas Best Ranch Girls

The “Texas Best Ranch Girls” YouTube channel showed up on my Google Alerts.  I didn’t find a website, but if these are really Texas Best, I need more information.  Maybe some of the single Texas boys will do the research and let me know.

See the video’s on YouTube

B. W. Stevenson, Native Texan

B. W. Stevenson was born in Dallas Texas October 5, 1949 Buckwheat (B.W.) was a progressive country artist most famous for his song “My Maria”. 

Maria on Youtube

BW attended Adamson High School in Dallas along with other artists Michael Martin Murphey and Ray Wylie Hubbard.

 “My Maria” grew to become the number 9 hit, on Billboard in 1973. The song was recorded later by Brooks & Dunn, and became a three-week #1 country winner in 96.  BJ had other successful singles, including “A Little Bit of Understanding” and the original version of Daniel Moore’s “Shambala”.

BJ passed away during heart operation at 38.

Poor David’s Pub in Dallas holds a songwriting contest in his memory.

Royers Round Top Cafe

Royers Round Top Cafe

Royers Round Top Cafe

January 21, 2011 .. TexasGrand

I stopped at Royers Round Top Café for lunch.  My recall of the last time I was there is not good, maybe 1996.  Royers has been listed on Texas-Best since 96 and reported to have opened their doors for the first time about 60 years ago.

Check out the video.

I ordered the Friday special: Pork chop seasoned just right smothered in onions, black eyed peas as well as I’ve had anywhere and country mashed potatoes. 

Soda and beer is in the cooler on the porch and it is reported a good selection of wine is available.

The slogan is “eat mo pie” and they don’t have to convince anyone.  I bought a whole apple pie and took it with me.

If the Friday special Pork Chop and apple pie is representative of the rest of the menu, then Royers Round Top Café gets a Texas-Best rating.  Get there early, seating is about 35.

Annual Elvis Birthday Party in Austin

One of Texas Best Nightclubs, opened in 1957, the Continental Club, 3700 Main St. Austin Texas, was a supper club featuring big bands like Tommy Dorsey and Glen Miller.  It may have served the first liquor by the drink in Austin.

Continental Club Austin

Continental Club Austin

In the 60’s the continental club changed its venue to burlesque.  In the late 70’s the venue changed again to featuring Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Eli, The Cobra’s and Kinky Freedman. In 87, ownership changed and the club was upgraded.

In 2000 the club moved to its current location and was named one of the best bars in America by Playboy.

Check out one of Texas Best nightclubs.

Book Review, “The Cowboy Hat Book”, by Rich Brand

Cowboy Hat Book

Cowboy Hat Book

You can find most everything you want to know about cowboy hats online, but it’s nice to kick back with a book in your hands. This book should be left out on your coffee table or on the bookshelf where it is easy to get to.

“The Cowboy Hat Book” covers the history, construction, materials, and styles for Cowboy Hats and is well illustrated with a couple of hundred pictures. Photo’s of real cowboys and the drug store type are included.

When you finish this book you will know what style hat is for you, how to determine the size, how to clean it and how to properly handle a Cowboy Hat.

I own this book. Get a copy for your ranch.

Book Review, “Cowboy Boots, the Art and Sole” by Jennifer June

Cowboy Boots Cowboy Boots: Art and Sole
If you’re a Texan, you should have this book on the shelf or the table.  The cost of books these days are more than reasonable.  If you wear cowboy boots, this book will guide you in the proper selection.  If you think you might want to collect boots, this book is the essential beginning.

Cowboy boots are both function and art.  The book is full of photographs that illustrate the fine craft and art of bookmaking.

Finish this book and you can look at a Texan and size him up based on his boots.

Look at the history, structure, skill and art of the cowboy boot through the eyes of a custom boot maker.

Read this book before you buy your next pair of custom Cowboy Boots.

I own and love this book. Cowboy Boots: Art and Sole

Sissy Spacek Born Christmas Day 1949

Sissy Spacek  Born Christmas day 1949 in Quitman, Texas.  Quitman is in E. Texas, N. of Tyler.

Nominated for an “Oscar” six times, Sissy won a best actress “Oscar” for playing Loretta Lynn in “Coalminers Daughter”, 1980.

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett


Jimmy Buffett (12-25-1946) is not a Texan, but Texans would love to call him one of their own. Born in Mobile Alabama, Jimmy is a great example of Cowboy Culture and independence. In Jimmy’s part of the country “Parrotheads” call it “island escapism lifestyle”. Sounds like personal freedom and independence to me. 

Jimmy gave us “Margaritiville”, “Come Monday” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.