Royers Round Top Cafe

Royers Round Top Cafe

Royers Round Top Cafe

January 21, 2011 .. TexasGrand

I stopped at Royers Round Top Café for lunch.  My recall of the last time I was there is not good, maybe 1996.  Royers has been listed on Texas-Best since 96 and reported to have opened their doors for the first time about 60 years ago.

Check out the video.

I ordered the Friday special: Pork chop seasoned just right smothered in onions, black eyed peas as well as I’ve had anywhere and country mashed potatoes. 

Soda and beer is in the cooler on the porch and it is reported a good selection of wine is available.

The slogan is “eat mo pie” and they don’t have to convince anyone.  I bought a whole apple pie and took it with me.

If the Friday special Pork Chop and apple pie is representative of the rest of the menu, then Royers Round Top Café gets a Texas-Best rating.  Get there early, seating is about 35.