Texas Ranger Are Texas Best 2011

To get in the mood for tonight’s 7th game of the 2011 World Series watch this short video of Nolan Ryan’s 7th No Hitter as a Texas Ranger pitcher.  Gives me chills, how about you?


Good Luck tonight Texas, We will be watching.



Goodbye Dandy Don Meredith

Dandy Don Meredith was a “Cowboy” from Mount Vernon Texas 100 miles east of Dallas.  Not much happens in Mount Vernon so an All American football player is a big deal.  Just 15 miles up the road from my place, it makes this loss more personal. 

Watching Meredith quarterback the cowboys in the 60’s was mostly frustrating.  My best friend was a Green Bay fan and the NFL title games in 66 and the “Ice Bowl” in 67 were disasters.  I like to remember him for Monday Night Football that debuted my senior year of High School in 1970.

Watching Monday Night Football, he made you feel like you were watching the game with a buddy and he won an Emmy for sports broadcasting on ABC’s Monday Night Football, as a result.  Don Meredith, Howard Cosell, and Frank Gifford got the week off to a good start.  We learned to dislike Cosell and love Dandy Don.

Meredith looked and sounded like a Texas country boy, but as we say in Texas, “he didn’t come to town in a turnip wagon”; he caught Cosell off guard plenty of times.  We all remember that when the game was won, Don would sing Willie Nelson’s, “Turn Out the Lights, the Party’s Over”  December 5th, 2010.

Texas-Best State Fair Starts Friday 24th

State Fair is held annually in Dallas. The event starts the last Friday during September and concludes 24 days later. The fair is presented in Dallas Fair Park where it has long been held since 1886. Your 2010 event is going to be presented from September 24 to October 17.


The Texas Event is the biggest within the United States. State Fair attendance has previously been estimated at more than 3 million individuals.

Visitors first see the 212-foot Texas Star Ferris wheel when approaching the fair. The Texas Star has been the biggest Ferris wheel in North America ever since it first showed in October 1985.

One of the centerpieces for your fair includes the yearly college football competition involving Texas and Oklahoma. The Red River Shootout is played inside the Cotton Bowl at the heart of Fair Park. This year, 2010, Baylor and Texas Tech are going to hold a game during the State Fair for the first time.

Big Tex is one of the fair symbols since 1952. Your State Fair also incorporates an auto exhibit, dating back to 1904, utilizing more than 300,000 sq feet of floorspace and displaying most of latest model automobiles.

It can’t be the State Fair of Texas without showcasing distinctive, high-fat goodies such as fried butter and this year’s champion fried Frito Chili Pie.

Everyone is required to eat at least one Fletcher’s brand corny dog.

The past decades have experienced the introduction of innovative uncommon deep-fried offerings, such as deep-fried Oreo cookies; deep-fried Twinkies; deep-fried pork ribs; fried cheesecake; deep-fried peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwiches; and most recently a batter-based fried Coke. Innovative food items in 2008 included chicken fried bacon and fried banana splits.

Texan Is Guinness Book's Fastest Woman, On Motorcycle

 Leslie Porterfield of Dallas, Texas, was accepted by Guinness World Records as the Fastest Woman in the World on a Motorcycle, a title that was previously held for over thirty years by motocross rider and stuntwoman, Marcia Holley.

Holley’s record of 229.361 was set with a single engine streamliner motorcycle in 1978. Guinness is recognizing Porterfield’s time of 232.522, set in the 2008 BUB Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats on a 2002 2000cc Turbo-charged Suzuki Hayabusa.

Porterfield owns a motorcycle dealership, High Five C – ycles in Dallas. “It’s takes awhile after filing the paper work with the FIM (International Federation of Motorcycling) to get the record certificate, and then with Guinness – this has been going on for awhile and when they called I was just thrilled,” she said.

Porterfield first set the Salt Flats of Bonneville on fire in 2008 by recording an overall land speed record of 232.5 mph in the 2000cc modified class, the fastest record of any woman on two wheels. After that she was honored as the AMA Female Rider of the Year in 2008, was featured in the Discovery Channel documentary Speed Capital of the World: Bonneville and toured the world as a public speaker – all while owning and running her own motorcycle dealership, where she is also an appointed Foremost insurance agent.

Porterfield was already a rising star in the professional motorcycle industry before Guinness came calling, as well as an advocate and role-model for the rising population female riders. Most recently, she has been a featured speaker at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows and the 22nd Annual AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Breakfast.

While her crew begins prepping for the next round of speed trials, which begin in May in El Mirage, California, Porterfield is taking some time to focus on StandUp for Kids, a non-profit organization that assists homeless children in America. In June Porterfield and StandUp for Kids will raffle off a Honda CBR1000, with all proceeds going to the charity. After that it’s back to Bonneville, back to BUB and back to the hunt for her next accomplishment.

“I don’t just want to be the fastest woman in the world,” said Porterfield. “I want to be the fastest person in the world. That’s what’s next.”

Source: Foremost Insurance

Cowboy Stadium

The new Cowboy Stadium opens today for its first regular season game.  What records will be set?

The largest crowd for an NFL regular-season game was 103,467 for Arizona-San Francisco in Mexico City in 2005. The record for a game in the United States is 103,985 for the Super Bowl between Steelers and Rams at the Rose Bowl in January 1980. The record for any NFL game is 112,376 for a preseason game between the Cowboys and Houston Oilers in Mexico City in 1994; that’ll probably hold until the Super Bowl comes to this building in February 2011.