Stetson Cowboy Hat

Creation of the original felt cowboy hat was initially attributed to John Stetson. The unique conditions on the trail made a hat constructed from water-resistant fur felt very useful. However, unless you are a genuine cowboy riding fence, there is not much need in purchasing a water-resistant beaver or muskrat fur felt hat. And even for a cowboy a $700.00 100X hat used to work in, might be a little excessive. (100x is 100% beaver fur)
A 10x hat that is 50% beaver fur, might be a better choice.

John B. Stetson amused his pals by demonstrating to them how he could make material out of fur without having to weave. Stetson created a hat using a big brim to shade the wearer from sun and rain. Stetson made the decision to wear the hat during the hunting excursion, and it performed so well that he persisted wearing it on his trips throughout the West. In 1865, he begun to produce the first of his fantastic hats in volume. The original Stetson hat sold for 5 dollars.

Stetson is now owned by Hatco a hat company consolidator. They also own Resistol Cowboy Hats.