The Texas Armadillo Did Not See His Shadow! Winter Will Soon End.

Armadillo Day February 2, 2012

Armadillo Day is a holiday celebrated on February second every year.  In the traditional celebration the Armadillo sticks his head out of the Armadillo hole and if it is cloudy he comes out in search of Lone Star Beer.  If it is sunny he retreats back into the Armadillo hole for six more weeks of winter.

Armadillo Day, Groundhog Day

The Texas Armadillo

The rumors of giant Armadillos crashing tractor trailer rigs are not true.  A normal size Armadillo can roll into an armored ball and when the tractor trailer rig loaded with Lone Star Beer hits the sacrificial Armadillo, the truck will jackknife and overturn, spilling its beer cargo for all to consume.

Since the manufacture of Lone Star Beer ceased in 2000, there have been no reports of overturned beer trucks.  The Armadillo population is on the increase as a result. The Lone Star Brewery in San Antonio made Lone Star Beer, known as the “National Beer of Texas”.  The brewery was built in 1884 by Adolphus Busch.

Armadillo is Spanish for “Little Armored One”.  The Nine Banded Armadillo (Texas Armadillo) is an ancient mammal dating back much farther than that copycat Ground Hog currently hiding in a hole, in Pennsylvania.  Since the Texas Armadillo has no natural enemies, other than beer trucks, he has expanded his original range from Texas to as far as Nebraska, Florida and Southern Illinois.  The Armadillo will soon appear in Pennsylvania to take care of this groundhog named Phil.

Happy Spring, Texas!