Texas-Best Reptile

  • Horned Toad
    The Horned Toad, which is better known by Texans as the Horney Toad, is actually a lizard. They are called Horney Toads because of the spikes on their body and not because of their two sexual organs called hemispenes. All Texans are familiar with the story of Old Rip who was buried alive in the cornerstone of a building and found alive many years later when the building was destroyed.
  • Diamond Back Rattlesnake
    The Texas record is 8 feet 3 inches and 16 3/4 pounds. Though most Texans (and everyone else) consider them a dangerous foe, they are actually very necessary to the Texas way of life. They help to keep the rodent population manageable wherever they are found. They are generally regarded as a necessary evil.
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    Texas Snakes: Identification, Distribution, and Natural History