Texas Cattle

Texas Best Steer, Longhorn

  • Bevo
    The original Longhorn mascot for the University of Texas at Austin. This steer got his name as a result of being branded by Texas A and M students after a football game in 1916. The 13-0 score branded on the animal was altered by TU students to spell BEVO.
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  • Old Blue, 1878. Owned by Charles Goodnight and led a thousand steers 250 miles to Dodge City with a brass bell around his neck. Blue prefered men to his own kind and accompanied the cowboys home to the ranch in Texas.

Texas Best Cattle Breed These cattle were the first in the New World. They are decendants of cattle lost by early Spanish explorers. The hardy, long lived Longhorns we see today are the result of survival of the fittest over almost 500 years. Longhorns almost became extinct early in the century with the introduction of the European breeds. Many people are afraid of Longhorns, but they are gentle, curious animals. They will take on any predator that they feel is threatening their babies. We ‘ve seen ours chase coyotes and wild pigs off our place. 

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Santa Gertrudis
Produced about 1919 on the King Ranch. The first new breed developed in the western hemisphere. Santa Gertrudis cattle are a cross between Shorthorn and Brahman. The name of the Santa Gertrudis breed comes from the name of the original land grant given to Captain Richard King by the Crown of Spain. This land grant is where the first headquarters of the King Ranch was established.

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International Salorn Association
A cross between Texas Longhorn and smooth-coated, fast gaining Salers. By combining these two hardy breeds, a tropically adapted animal that also works well in the cooler climates of western America has been produced. One of the original Salers sires selected for the Salorn project has a 21 year-old granddam that has raised 20 natural calves and holds the all-time milk production record in France.