Texas Horses

Texas-Best Horse Breed

  • Quarter Horse
    American Quarterhorse Headquarters, Amarillo, Texas 806-376-5181
    World’s largest equine registry. America’s first horse breed. Quarter horses are famous for their quarter-mile sprints. They are now competing in horse shows around the world and are in demand for racing, ranch work, rodeo, recreational riding, and many other activities.
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    Foundation Sires of the American Quarterhorse

  • American Paint Horse
    American Paint Horse Association is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas 817-439-3400
    This Western-rooted breed is a favorite Texas horse and is growing in popularity around the world. In 1991, the APHA became the third largest equine registry. Decendants of Spanish Conquistadors’ horses, Paints were once wild horses that roamed the Western deserts and plains. The Indians were the first to capture and use them.
  • Appaloosa
    Decending from Spanish explorers’ horses that passed through Texas, these horses were bred and refined by the Nez Perce and Palouse Indians of the Northwest. They are a favorite horse of Texas breeders and riders.

Texas-Best Race Horse 

  • Assault
    Assault was a Thoroughbred bred at the King Ranch, Kingsville, Texas. His sire was Bold Venture, the 1936 Kentucky Derby winner, but his dam was never raced. He injured a hoof as a colt and always favored it, which gave him the appearance of being crippled. Even his trainer lacked confidence in him in the beginning. He won only two races as a two year old, then went on to surprise everyone and become the Triple Crown Winner in 1946.
  • Pan Zarata
    Sweetwater, Texas, 1910
    The winningest Thoroughbred mare in American history. She was known as the Queen of the turf.

Texas-Best Appaloosa, Hall of Fame

  • Dynamite Day
    Bred by William S. Day of Dallas and foaled in Texas in 1984. Sired by Day Lite by Bull Hunneley, out of the Quarter Horse mare Miss Velvet Hammer. His great grandsire was the legendary Thoroughbred Three Bars.
    Dynamite Day was a top calf roping and barrell racing horse in the early 1990s. He is the only horse to win the World’s Best Appaloosa more than once. He won it in 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996.